Carbon Fiber Optical Breadboards

Optical Breadboards made from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) provide a similar thermal stability to Super Invar but at a lower cost and are inherently non-magnetic. Since time immemorial, steel breadboards have been the only game in town. However, structures made CFRP have been used in the aerospace and space industries for many years due to their low weight, high strength, excellent thermal stability and low resonant frequencies.

CarbonVision® now brings this advanced technology to the world of photonics.

The boards are available with flat working surfaces or alternatively with protruding head inserts, which allow a high degree of flatness by grinding of insert faces. To cover various requirements, our boards are offered in four different versions:
EC (Economy Series) AD (Advanced Series)  – CA (Full Carbon Series)SL (Slim Line Series).

CFRP Board Breadboard with protruding head inserts
Breadboard with protruding head inserts
Breadoard with flat working surface
Breadboard with flat working surface